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Electrical Services



• New installations
• Prepaid meters • Plug points • Lighting points • Time switches • Stove points • Geyser points • Air conditioner Isolator Points.
• Security lights • Occupancy sensing devices
• Alternative supplies 20200325_103600


• Ensure that the components that makes up part of the electrical installation are still in good condition to avoid unexpected breakdowns

• Replace old types of electrical equipment with modern ones. {e.g; LED Lights, Euro plugs, Smart switches}



• Fault finding and Repair – Investigate and identify the possible causes of electrical fault on electrical installation.
• Faulty socket outlets.

• Earth leakages tripping.
• Lights not working
• No warm Water from the geyser

•Short circuits

Electrical Compliance Certificates (SANS 10142-1)

Legislative Requirements for Electrical Compliance Certificate ‘ECoC’-Electrical Installation Regulations(EIR) 2009
• The ‘ECoC’ shall only be issued by a Registered person
after he or she has inspected and tested the electrical installation as required by law: SANS10142-1
• New,Temporary and Supplementary Compliance Certificate(s)

More Services

IMF Projects does not only Install, Maintain and Fix Electrical Installations, but also provides other services.

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